10 Amazing Creatures You’ve Never Heard of Before

The world is a great big place and planet earth is home to so many creatures that we haven’t even discovered yet. From the depths of the oceans to the rainforests, new creatures, birds, fish, insects, mammals, and more are being discovered across the globe all the time. Every now and then scientists will come across the strangest, craziest looking creatures and the only way for us to believe some of these creatures could even exist is to see photographic evidence. So we’ve collected the most insane looking creatures in the animal kingdom. You may recognize one or two, but we doubt you’ve seen them all before.

1. Lamprey Eel


The lamprey eel is one of the most disturbing looking of all eels due to its circular mouth, completely lined 360 degrees with rows of sharp teeth. It uses its mouth to latch on to other sea creatures and suck their blood. Sometimes they can grow up to 40 inches!

2. Aye-Aye


The Aye-aye is in the lemur family. This strange little guy lives in Madagascar, comes out in the middle of the night, and uses an extra-long, thin middle finger to catch bugs hiding in the depths of trees.

3. Lowland Streaked Tenrec


This tiny little guy is a cross between a shrew and a hedgehog in appearance, and ten times as cute. Mostly, the lowland streaked tenrec can be found in tropical rainforests in places like Madagascar.

4. Glaucus Atlanticus


Often described as one of the most beautiful creatures in the entire world, the glaucus atlanticus or blue dragon. It’s a type of sea slug that lives in the oceans near Australia and feeds on the deadly Portuguese Man of War jellyfish.

5. Asian Softshell Turtle


Some people don’t even know it, but soft-shelled turtles are a real thing – like the Asian softshell turtle, for instance. This is one of the largest turtles in the world, but sadly, it’s close to extinction.

6. Okapi


Another highly endangered but little-known species is the okapi. An okapi looks basically a cross between a giraffe and a zebra – and even belongs to the same family as giraffes.

7. Bush Vipers


One of the most arguably beautiful snakes in the world is the atheris of Africa. It’s unique coloring almost makes it seem unreal. The species is relatively small but highly venomous.

8. The Dumbo Octopus


This is a type of deep-sea umbrella octopi with little flaps resembling elephant-like ears on either side of its head. Also one of the world’s cutest octopi, the Dumbo octopus is the deepest dwelling octopus in the world – reaching a depth of over 7000 meters.

9. Thorny Devil


The thorny devil is a lizard native to the Australian outback. The spiky ridges covering its body serve a unique purpose – they can collect water so that the lizard can grab a drink from almost anywhere on its body. This trait comes in handy when leaving in the desert.

10. Tufted Deer


This animal looks like something out of a fantasy book. Have you ever seen a dear with fangs? Well, the male tufted dear has super long canines extending past its jaw resembling fangs or tusks. It’s certainly one of the most fantastical looking creatures we’ve ever seen.

Have you seen an animal that is stranger than one of these?

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