15 mistakes you should avoid in hair care

Beauty is made of many things. However it’s secure to say that healthful and well-kept hair plays one of the key roles in developing a completely unique and appealing image.

Today, vibrant side gives you a guide to the most common errors women make of their quest to have the hair in their dreams.

Mistake № 1. Common use of styling products

Hairdryers, styling irons, and different similar appliances purpose your hair to lose fluid, making it dry and brittle. If you couldn’t do without common styling, don’t neglect to use a thermal protecting spray alongside the entire length of the hair first.

Mistake № 2. Wrong use of your hairdryer

The usage of a hairdryer incorrectly can cause damage to your hair. Here’s a step-by-step guide that’ll assist you keep away from mistakes:

First of all, blot moist hair with a towel. Then take a flat nozzle attachment and fix it in your hairdryer. Start drying your hair from roots to ends, making sure that the dryer nozzle is located at a pointy angle to the hair strands. Such a way enables to close the cuticles.

At the start, even as the hair remains wet, it is good enough to switch the dryer to maximum temperature. However then, step by step, the temperature needs to be reduced to keep away from overdrying. A word of recommendation — when shopping for a hairdryer, consider models with more than one temperature settings!

End the process by means of treating your hair to a few blasts of cold air.

Mistake № 3. A dangerous diet

A poorly balanced diet and a bad eating time table make it not possible for an organism to refill its supplies of vitamins and minerals. If this kind of scenario turns into the norm, you could neglect about having lush and beautiful hair! Ensure to continually encompass protein meals of animal origin into your daily food.

Another essential factor of the hair-friendly nutrition formulation is zinc. To keep away from its deficiency, make sure that your menu consists of avocado, seafood, eggs, kohlrabi, porridge, or prunes. And don’t neglect about calcium and iron! You could find them in fish, chicken, legumes, liver, , buckwheat, wheat, and nuts.

Mistake № 4. Not looking after your health

In a few instances, speedy hair deterioration and hair loss may be the signs and symptoms of significant illnesses. Those could consist of thyroid gland or gastrointestinal tract issues, hormonal problems, diabetes and stress. Our organisms work in a way that our hair is continually receive nutrients last. Consequently, hair issues can suggest problems with other organs. Anyhow, it’s best to make clear the scenario via making an appointment with a trichologist.

Mistake № 5. Neglecting to put on hats

A cap or a hat can provide proper protection from the sun. A woolen hat maintains away the cold. A unique hat preserves your hair from the damaging consequences of steam in the sauna. While selecting a hat, ensure that it’s comfy to wear and isn’t sitting too tightly.

Mistake № 6. Not washing your comb

Your comb required to be washed in hot water as a minimum once every week. Additionally, don’t forget about to replace old combs frequently.

Mistake № 7. Neglecting to trim your hair

It is very essential to trim your hair every two months. By snipping off split ends help your hair from getting more split.

Mistake № 8. Sleeping along with your hair down

In case your hair is lengthy or medium-length, you need to braid it before going to sleep. This may prevent it from turning into tangled and frizzy. As an end result — you won’t need to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning!

Mistake № 9. Selecting the incorrect shampoo

Your preference of shampoo is important for hair care. To keep away from dangerous consequences, ensure that the shampoo you use suits your hair type.

Mistake № 10. Washing your hair too frequently/not frequently enough

The advocated frequency relies upon on person factors, which includes your hair type and the quality of water you’re having. In case your hair belongs within the oily category, it is recommended to clean your hair as soon as every 1-2 days.

Mistake № 11. Making use of shampoo incorrectly

Comb your hair very well before washing. The amount of shampoo for use relies upon at the length of your hair. Be cautious not to apply an excessive amount of. Use a trial technique to decide your norm.

Placed shampoo onto your hands, and rub them collectively to whip up the foam. Then use the shampoo to the roots of your hair. Use massaging moves, ensuring to only contact the skin along with your gentle fingertips (and not together with your nails, to avoid scratches). Continue massaging your head for the duration of the wash — this is useful to your hair roots.

Mistake № 12. Forgetting to moisturize and nourish your hair

Hair loses moisture fast. You could use unique balms and hair mask to address this issue (ensure that the products you apply aren’t destructive for your hair type). Use balm both concurrently with shampoo or straight away after rinsing it off. The right way to use balm is to smear it alongside the entire length of the hair, even as warding off rubbing it into the skin.

As for hair mask — you shouldn’t be use them not more than once every week.

Mistake № 13. The incorrect water temperature

Many humans use excessively warm water while washing their hair. This is a severe mistake. Hot water strips your hair of coloration and turns on the oil-generating glands. Ideally, you have to be using warm or tepid water — this can help dilute the oil glands’ secretions, get rid of dirt, and enhance blood flow.

It’s satisfactory to conclude the technique by treating your hair to a cool or cold shower — this type of end will stimulate circulate in the hair roots and make your hair look smooth and bright.

Mistake № 14. Drying your hair with a towel

After wash, blot it lightly start from roots to ends with the help of a towel. Don’t use towel to round your head — this will harm hair follicles. In case you require to dry your hair in a hurry, use a cotton t-shirt as opposed to a towel!

Mistake № 15. Frequent and rough combing

Immoderate combing could make your hair overstretched or brittle. Don’t comb your hair straight away after washing. Wait for the wet strands to dry up, then cautiously separate them together with your fingers. Only after that can you start to comb. Make sure to use a comb with extensive teeth.

Begin combing from the ends, step by step shifting towards the roots.

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