It’s possible to cool down a warm drink within 2 minutes!

When it is hot outdoors as it is now, everybody longs for a cool drink to cool them down with. A few coke, some iced tea, a pleasing cold beer… as long as it’s ice, ice-cold, we’re glad. But, you don’t usually have get entry to to a refrigerator or enough time to chill something earlier than you need to drink it. Fortunately, we were given a superb tip for you today!

This tip will help you cool down your drink in mere minutes!


If it’s hot outdoors and also you go to the grocery store to grab a chill drink, you may often come to the sad ending that every one of the chilled drinks are already finished. Or, even worse, that the grocery store in question doesn’t even sell cooled beverages. That’s a bit of a bummer because nobody likes lukewarm beer and when you have to wait for the refrigerator to chill it down you’ll need to await about an hour. No need to panic, although, because we’ve found a completely creative trick that, if it really works effectively, will cool down your drink inside two minutes – and you don’t even need a refrigerator!

Visit the subsequent web page to read all about it and to watch the video!

Stuff you need

  • A large bowl, pot or tub
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Ice cubes


Fill the tub with water and add ice cubes to this. Sprinkle little salt into it as well. Put your drink (or beverages in case you need to chill a couple of of them) into the tub and stir the water for about a minute. Leave it be for one more minute after that and there you go! Your beverage could be ice cold! Check the step by step instructions within the video down below:

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